Things you must know before completing tasks on Sidegig.


Sidegig is an innovative online freelance platform that endeavors to bridge the gap between brands and freelancers by creating earning opportunities for Nigerians. Brands create tasks on Sidegig to boast their engagement and insights on all platforms by getting Nigerian Likes, Nigerian Comments, Nigerian Followers, Nigeria generated streams and much more.

Freelancers are paid to complete these simple tasks from the comfort of their home with their mobile phones, tablets or laptops, whatever works best.

Here are five things you need to know about completing tasks on Sidegig to avoid any complications or getting banned for making honest mistakes.

  1. Social account verification; This is one of the first major problems newly registered freelancers face. After registration, a notification box will pop up informing you of this.
    * To add a social account, tap on the profile photo on your dashboard and go to your profile settings.
    * Next tap, on social account. Ensure to read the instructions properly as each platform has a different but similar way to add your social accounts.

Instagram; to link an account for this platform, the only needed information is your Instagram username e.g. (baby_girl), type in your username in this format do not include “@” at the beginning. For those that don’t know their instagram username, your Instagram username can be found at the top left corner of your instagram profile.

The social media requirement are also indicated on the site; a profile picture which is compulsory and at least 5 posts of yourself. Social accounts with dog posts, house posts, foreigners and other aesthetics will be rejected.

Ensure you input your correct username as completing gigs with a wrong username will get you banned or your account will get disabled as there would be no correct proof to show you completed the gigs correctly.

Twitter; as I mentioned earlier, the process to add a social account is a bit different but they are all similar.

The requirements for adding a twitter account are; a profile picture and at least 5 tweets. Ensure these are real photos of you and not aesthetics, your request will get rejected otherwise.

Input you twitter username in the box provided on the site without including “@” at the beginning.

As mentioned earlier, ensure your username is correct and you are adding an account you have access to. As submitting gigs with a wrong account will get your sidegig account disabled.

Tiktok; The steps are similar, ensure your social account has a profile picture and at least 5 posts of you, not aesthetics.

Input your username without including “@” at the beginning. You will get verified within a few hours

Facebook; This is slightly different. The requirements are the same; a profile picture and at least 5 posts on your page.

First you will need to type in your Facebook name as it appears on Facebook in the “Username” box provided on the site.

Next, you will paste in your Facebook profile url. To get this using your mobile phone; ensure your Facebook is logged in. Tap on your profile photo, next tap on the 3 dots on the right.

At the bottom of the next page, you will see “your profile link”, copy and paste it in the box provided on sidegig as “profile url”.

The profile link would be something like ….

Youtube; To add a Youtube account, the requirement is majorly to have a profile picture, this could be done when your YouTube settings or add a profile photo to your email address.
First, copy the verification code, tap the link provided on the site and paste the verification code.
Notice the name of your YouTube account, type in the name of your YouTube account on sidegig in the box provided “Username”.
Ensure you type in your YouTube name as inputting a wrong account will eventually get your sidegig account disabled.

For all platforms above, after submission ensure you check back to confirm if the social account was added successfully or rejected. If successful you can begin completing tasks but if rejected, you will need to try again.

  1. If you can’t submit a gig: This is mostly faced by new users. They would tap on a gig and would have a blank space in the box indicated “Username” for the proof of task.
    This is because no social account has been added successfully on the specified platform.

Ensure you add a social account, for more information on this, read number 1 above.

  1. Solving the Captcha; This innovation was published to protect sidegig from users who intends to scam the system and to ensure all users are not bots but actual human beings such as yourself. To solve the captcha, you only need to input the answer to the solution e.g. “5 + 3 = 8“, you only need to input 8 and you are done.
  2. Getting banned; Sidegig users who get banned are users who for one reason or the other did not complete a task before submitting it. Sidegig staffs endeavor to check submitted tasks of Sidegig Freelancers, users who submit tasks with wrong username or without completing them entirely will get banned for a few hours. Consistent banning will lead to your account getting disabled.
  3. Timer; Sidegig timer on tasks is to ensure that users have enough time to complete tasks without them being rushed into making mistakes or errors at the point of submission.

The above are 5 things you need to know about completing tasks on Sidegig. For further questions, you can easily create a ticket on your sidegig dashboard, a staff will attend to you within a couple of minutes.

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