Terms and Conditions

Last updated: January 10, 2022

Sidegig is an online freelance platform that pays it users (freelancers) to complete simple everyday tasks which could range from engaging on sponsored content to submitting reviews or polls on sponsored products. Below are our terms and conditions;

Rules and Irregularities:
Below are some of the irregularities we do not condone on this platform. Please note; partaking in any of the below will lead to the disabling of your Sidegig Account;
— Unliking or Unfollowing a post/page will lead to your account getting disabled.
— Your working account i.e. instagram, twitter etc. as the case may be, must have a profile picture and at least 5 posts
— Your account will get disabled if you use same working account i.e. instagram, twitter etc on more than one sidegig account.
— Submitting gigs/tasks without completing them will get your account disabled.
— Your account will get activated only after payment of the activation fee has been made.

Note: A disabled account cannot be recovered as all details will be wiped from our system.

— Minimum withdrawal threshold is ₦4,000.
— Withdrawal could take between 20 to 25 days to get processed (sent to your local bank). We use the above mentioned period to critically check all submitted gigs to ensure none of the above mentioned rules and regulations are/were violated. You can check your payment status via the “payment status” tab on the User dashboard. This period can be used to increase the freelancer’s balance but will not the increase the pending withdrawal request.
— Deductions could be made on withdrawals instead of immediately disabling a freelancer’s account for going against any of the above mentioned rules and regulations.

Other Information:
— The tasks are provided by our sponsors/advertisers.
— Sidegig will not be held responsible for a freelancer’s loss of account or earning should the user give out his or her login details to a third party.
— Sidegig reserves the right to close a freelancer’s account without notice if any of the above mentioned rules are violated or if irresponsible acts are discovered.
— All communication between Sidegig and Freelancers are done on the website via the creation of a “ticket”.
— Dropping negative comments on any of Sidegig’s platform or it’s advertisers will lead to the immediate disabling of the freelancer’s account as well as ramifications will be expected by the freelancer to Sidegig.

  • Your sidegig account will get disabled if you go against any of the above mentioned terms and conditions regardless of payment of the activation fee.